Monday, 1 June 2015

Xecute and Ludum Dare 32

Twice a year a certain global competition is held: Ludum Dare. The aim: for indie developers to create a game in 48 hours, based upon a theme voted by the community and released on the Ludum Dare site as soon as the countdown begins.

First held in 2002, it been revised and refined over the years, from annual to bi-annual. Over the last few years it has gained increasing popularity, particularly with the participation of Notch (creator of Minecraft). The original 'Ludum Dare 0' had only 18 participants, but the most recent 'Ludum Dare 32' had a total of 2821 participants.

Our game was 298th.
We (Arkelite) decided to compete this year, the theme: An Unconventional Weapon.
Our driving idea was that the player itself is the weapon, and the player affects the environment, while the antagonist is more of the traditional game character.

The mission is simple: stop a duck from reaching the kill-switch which will destroy the machine (you). In order to stop the determined duck you need to use various traps, puzzle solving skills and chaotic robots to win.


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