Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Duolingo is a language learning website which offers French, Spanish and German, English (for Spanish speakers), and Portuguese (beta), with Italian and Chinese planned.
It's entirely free and contains no ads.


The project was created by Luis Von Ahm, creator of Re Captcha (for which he apologizes), a system used to make sure people who make accounts can read and aren't illiterate.
Lesser known is that it is used to digitize books word by word from image to computer text.

It also spawned the Church of Inglip, numerous memes and a site,


 Luis von Ahm then worked on Duolingo, and since its creation on the 30th November 2011, Duolingo has gained exposure and popularity from his talk on TED

and various mentions on Reddit, including an IAMA by Luis von Ahm

and a subreddit dedicated to Duolingo, .


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