Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Tubalr (tuba-ler) is a music site which gives users music videos and only music videos (instead of random people singing their own version of songs on Youtube). While that is usually fun, (okay, usually annoying), this will select only the relevant videos for the song.

It's completely free. Free to browse (which you won't need an account for), free to watch.
Making an account will also give you allow you to create custom playlists and ban the songs you don't like. Accounts are also entirely free. The only ads are the ones contained in the videos themselves

About Tubalr

Tubalr is Pronounced: tuba-ler 

 Tubalr is an app that was crafted out of curiosity and passion, Sept 12th 2010. I released it into the wild and have been iterating ever since. I built Tubalr because I kept running across great high quality videos wishing I had a simple app to play those videos back to back, while working or doing other things. - Cody Jack Stewart (founder and creator of Tubalr)

Also, if you're interested, I discovered it in Reddit/music, here

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