Friday, 23 November 2012


Cleverbot is a conversation bot convinced it is human. And that you are a bot. Yeah, I know what you're thinking, it's another person on the other end. So I tested it with this question.
Yeah, not quite what a person would say. It recognised 'cry' and was sympathetic, but it didn't answer the question. Cleverbot will only claim to know about two languages, but in actuality can switch between multiple languages in one conversation, speaking fluently in each of them. What are the chances of connecting to a quintilingual person?

Cleverbot's not exactly the 'greatest achievement of the 21st century' but it certainly is entertaining.
His answers will reflect yours. If you have a pointless conversation, it will reply with equally pointless answers. If you were to discuss the decline of art through modern times and its implication of society's modern cultural devolution, it will... reply with pointless answers.It will still sound smart, and it will sort of make sense, sort of. And that's what matters.

What's also cool is it will respond to song lyrics

Yes, some faith in humanity has been restored.

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