Saturday, 8 June 2013

So I return...

Arkansang here.

 I tried out Wordpress. While it was a great site I felt Blogspot better suited Link Aurora. So now we're here. There's irony to be felt here somewhere.

Anyway. I will continue to use Aoror as more of a standard blog rather than a site like Link Aurora. So really I'm writing on both now.

If you want to feature a site, project or topic or generally to chat, email me at

Climactically, here is Grieg's 'I Dovregubbens Hall' (In the hall of the Mountain King).
This is the song that you've probably heard but may or not know the name of. Most likely from a movie, as around 72% of movies feature at least part of this song. Okay, that wasn't a real statistic.
Movies/Games/Pop Culture references here.

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