Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bill Bot

"Programmer (Matt Montoya) has created a Artificial Intelligent ChatBot with the name of 'Bill'. From what people have been saying, 'Bill is Cleverbots little brother'. He learns from his users and gets smarter every second. So if you want to test if this Bot is smart, or just want to teach him something or want to have a funny conversation, please take a look at:  
And please tell your friends.

Bill is only a kid, he does not know very much. If you find he does not know something, please teach him it. However keep it clean or I will turn learning off. We want Bill to be kid friendly and appropriate. Thanks. Please look at Teach Bill for more info." - CivilWarrock

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It's a bot, much like Cleverbot. Though it's a kid bot (I never knew such things existed). Billy the Kid really. Except he doesn't go around shooting people and isn't a cowboy. Ok, nevermind.
Keep everything kid friendly, and remember it's an early stage bot; it doesn't know everything.


Also, this is relevant.

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